Obligations Regarding Asbestos in Commercial Properties

What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a collection of minerals that easily separate into long flexible fibres. It was historically mined for the manufacture of multiple products, […]

Don’t Overlook These Possible Defects by Obtaining a Building Inspection

Arming yourself with enough information about the condition of a property prior to purchase, may end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars down the […]

Building Disputes: What Are Your Rights?

Each year, thousands of construction and renovation projects are completed in New South Wales. Although most of these projects are completed successfully, there are some instances […]

7 Renovation Pitfalls To Consider (& How To Avoid Them)

With the recent spike in renovation programs on television, home renovation is all the rage at the moment. Whether it’s a small revamp or complete overhaul, […]

Why Are Independent Inspections So Important in Commercial Construction?

So, what are property inspections? If you’re in the trade, you probably know that with commercial building comes a certain amount of compulsory building inspections that […]

The 5 Inspections You Need To Know About If You Own A Commercial Property

When you’re in charge of looking after the safety and maintenance of a commercial property, it can be hard to understand your responsibilities, especially when you […]

Why Independent Inspections Are Becoming More Important Than Ever

The Changing Landscape of Commercial Building Over the past few months, a number of high-profile cases of structural insecurity in high-rise buildings has rocked the construction […]

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