Asbestos Inspections

Asbestos management is a legal requirement if you manage a commercial building, such as an office or a shop, as it is your responsibility to protect both workers and the public against exposure to asbestos. So, if you have not had your property checked yet, now is the time!

If your building was constructed prior to December 31, 2003, you must have an Asbestos Register which is kept at your workplace (unless the property has already been cleared for asbestos). Businesses can get hefty fines for not managing their asbestos properly and an asbestos inspection can help you avoid penalty.

Once you have identified asbestos, ongoing reporting and management must be part of your business’s agenda.

Your Asbestos Management Plan Specialists

At Inspect to Protect, we are your Asbestos Management Plan Specialists. Not only can we help you identify asbestos, we’ll help you manage it too.

Keeping people safe when they’re on your premises is an integral part of your responsibility as a business. When it comes to asbestos, not only do you have to know where it is, you are also responsible for other areas of asbestos management.

With our Asbestos Inspections and Management Plan Services, we help you meet your requirements when it comes to:

  • Being proactive in minimising exposure
  • Developing control measures
  • Outlining procedures after exposure incidents

Providing the relevant information to contractors working with asbestos or asbestos-affected areas in your workplace

We can also help you identify the best control measure for your business when it comes to asbestos too. Control measures for asbestos can include:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Risk isolation
  • Using protective equipment

When Do You Need An Asbestos Inspection

There are several times at which you would need an asbestos inspection:

  1. NOW! If your building was built before 31 December 2003 and has not been previously inspected.
  2. Every 5 years (MAXIMUM) even if there have been no changes

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