Asset Protection Inspections

Asset Protection Inspections are among our most valuable inspections for businesses, and the reason is simple: they provide a comprehensive overview of your property’s (or portfolio of properties’) condition so you can more effectively build the result into your business’ plans.

But what does that really mean?

Well, let’s break it down a little further. Our Asset Protection Inspections help businesses like yours:

  • Keep their property safe for visitors, thus saving money and potential reputation damage caused by any subsequent legal action or negative reviews
  • Understand the overall condition of their property so they can effectively plan for the future in terms of maintenance
  • Budget more effectively
  • Avoid any unexpected repair bills

What Our Asset Protection Inspections Look At

When it comes to property maintenance, especially in commercial buildings, there is a lot to consider. During our Asset Protection Inspections we look at:

  • General property condition
  • Maintenance issues
  • WHS/Safety issues

How Our Asset Protection Inspections Help With Maintenance Scheduling & Budgeting

Our Asset Protection Inspections provide businesses with a comprehensive report which gives them an in-depth insight into the condition of their property. In addition to this, we also provide recommendations for maintenance planning by helping businesses:

  • Understand issues in their property which must be repaired urgently (which include safety hazards etc).
  • Develop an awareness about which maintenance issues must be scheduled with moderate urgency (usually because if they are not fixed in the near future, they will become more substantial and hence more costly).
  • Budget for bigger renovations works (which may either be essential or non-essential).

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