Maintenance Inspections

Running a business is hard work, and when you throw property maintenance into the mix, it becomes a whole lot more stressful. But it doesn’t need to be that way! When you just need to know which areas of your property need repair or a little freshen up, a Maintenance Inspection is a great choice.

Maintenance Inspections cover a range of issues in your commercial property, giving you an overall picture of the condition of your building(s), including:

  • Safety maintenance issues
  • Early detection of potential problems
  • General condition reporting
  • WHS compliance

Why Should I Get A Maintenance Inspection?

There are several reasons that businesses undergo a Maintenance Inspection with Inspect To Protect. Generally, businesses want to identify any maintenance issues in their properties so they can:

  • Ensure they have done their due diligence in terms of keeping their property safe for anyone who visits it (including staff, customers, contractors etc.).
  • Plan for the future in terms of maintenance scheduling and budgeting.
  • Protect their reputation by ensuring staff or the public don’t experience rundown or old-looking spaces that may be a potential risk

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