Property Condition Inspections

Our Property Condition Inspections give you a clear overview of the general condition of your commercial property. When your property begins to show signs of wear and tear, and it becomes time to do something about it, a full assessment from us helps you understand the true extent of any building-related issues.

Even if your property does not show visible signs of damage or dilapidation, getting it checked can identify underlying issues before they become big problems.

Our Property Condition Inspections:

  • Help you understand the condition of your property so you can plan better for maintenance, repairs and renovations.
  • Identify issues early so you can fix them before they become worse (and more costly to fix).
  • Assess water-damage, fire-damage, pest presence, mould issues, asbestos and more.
  • Help businesses ensure they are compliant and safe with regulations and legislation.

For Commercial Landlords

For landlords, our Property Condition Inspections keep you aware of the condition of your property whilst you’re renting it out to a business. They also help ensure you’re staying on top of maintenance issues that your tenants may not have told you about, so you can keep your property in tip-top condition. As a commercial landlord, you have certain responsibilities that you must meet when it comes to renting your property; a Property Condition Inspection can make sure you’re compliant.

For Commercial Properties

When you’ve got a business to run, thinking about building maintenance is often high on your priority list, but usually taking action to this end is something that only gets thought about when the worst happens.

But it’s important that you do act before:

  • Urgent building repairs cause your business to close temporarily
  • Unsafe areas caused by maintenance issues result in an injury to a staff member or the public
  • Your repair bill blows out because small issues turn into big ones
  • Your business’ reputation is questioned due to run-down buildings
  • You’re fined for not being compliant

Building maintenance is more than just fixing things when they’re broken. As a business, you have a duty of care to protect anyone who enters your building, so you must ensure your building is safe and you have the adequate safety equipment as outlined by the regulations.

A complete Property Condition Inspection from us can save you time, money and your reputation.

For Multi-Site Organisations

Many multi-site organisations like councils, national parks and large education providers trust Inspect to Protect to help them manage their large portfolio of sites, buildings and outdoor areas. Maintenance for these organisations is an ongoing effort and our Property Condition Inspections help take the headache out of maintenance scheduling.

By providing a detailed report across their property asset portfolio, we are able to help make the lives of Maintenance Managers, Finance Directors and Operations Managers easier by:

  • Assessing all properties, including remote sites
  • Providing a comprehensive report which outlines all issues
  • Assessing safety hazards, fire protection compliance and other regulatory needs
  • Outlining issues which must be rectified urgently
  • Listing issues which should be scheduled for repair as a priority
  • Making recommendations for long-term maintenance and renovation consideration

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