WHS Inspections

Health and Safety is big business. You’ll know that when you’re running a business, keeping everyone safe is at the top of your list of priorities.

Between changes to health and safety legislation and wear and tear making your property potentially hazardous, if you’re not diligent about keeping on top of things, it may end up costing you in many ways. Besides the moral obligation you have as an employer or landlord to provide for the safety of individuals at your site, it is also a legal requirement to conduct safety audits under the Work Health and Safety Act. Steep fines may apply for organisations found to be in breach of this legislation and potentially putting their workers and site visitors at risk of harm.

What A WHS/Safety Inspection Involves

A WHS Inspection from Inspect To Protect covers a wide range of safety issues to give you peace of mind that you’ve done your bit as business to keep staff and the public safe. A comprehensive safety audit from us includes:

  • a report of any wear and tear issues which pose safety risks
  • ensuring you’re compliant with latest safety guidelines and legislation

Why You Need A WHS Audit From A Professional

Inspections of the workplace are integral to the management of effective health and safety systems and essential in helping prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. A thorough examination by a qualified professional will identify and provide recommendations on potential hazards that should be removed. They may also suggest measures that need to be implemented to avoid risks to workers’ health and safety.

There are several ways to conduct a safety audit. They may be done internally if your company does have a designated Safety Officer, however engaging services of an independent inspection company is advisable. Getting an independent inspection can be a good idea to enable a fresh set of eyes to view your workplace or commercial premise, and make sure you’re not relying on your internal staff members to remember their safety obligation amid a myriad of other tasks!

An outside representative may also:

  • conduct a better audit of the premises, looking at the environment, equipment and the processes applied to the workflow. In particular, they will critically analyse existing records of workplace hazards and incidents to determine their underlying causes. They will also review the effectiveness of previously implemented hazard controls.
  • identify anything that may be an immediate risk but also make recommendations about issues that may pose risks in the future.

If You Don’t Meet Your Obligations

If you have failed to undertake regular health and safety audits of your commercial premises you may be leaving yourself open to failure to comply with health and safety legislation. In the undesirable instance of a workplace accident this could result in massive financial losses not to mention the risk to lives. Without clear records of safety audits and a lack of documentation to support the implementation of good safety practices, the legal implications can become complex and costly.

Workplace health and safety inspections are an important risk prevention tool and one we strongly encourage to promote a systems-based approach to ensuring your legal and ethical responsibilities in the workplace are maintained.


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